Scott Mallory, Jr. on TEDTALK-O-MATIC at TED2018

The most unexpected takeaway from TED2018

Sometimes you don't expect to get inspired, and then it hits you. That moment, that phrase, that conversation. Scott Mallory, Jr. shares the most surprising takeaway from TED2018.

Scott Mallory, Jr. ·
Scott Mallory, Jr. ·

As my artwork evolved, my tools of choice evolved from drawing & painting to video art, filmmaking, 3D animation & visual effects, and now VR & motion capture. My music branched into sound art, and my writings evolved into different forms, hybrids & performance. Ultimately, I find filmmaking to be the powerhouse that can host most mediums and ideas. Recently I've been part of collaborative projects combining art with physics.

An innovation in media that allows 60-second ideas to come to life, using a delicate and perfectly timed combination of light and magic. Only available at TED.

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